Get Data & Insight

  • Josh
  • March 14, 2018

Gain data and insight to transform your product or service.

We help you understand the lived experience of young people by using proven, youth-led, award-winning models.

Our insight and feedback projects are bespoke to fit your needs.They will give you fantastic data to help you make better decisions. They also offer young people fantastic experiences to develop personal and employability skills.

Find out more about our Data and Insight services below.

D1. Young Researchers
Your problems:

  1. Investing too much time and money trying to understand more about young people’s habits, trends and life choices.
  2. Understanding what young people are telling you.
  3. Translating that into practical solutions.

Our Young Researchers project designs and asks the BIG questions to get the BIG answers you’re looking for.

They interpret the data and create infographics, reports and films to help you share that with the people who matter.

Save yourself some money and create a proactive response to young people’s needs right from the start.

D2. Young Inspectors
Your problems:

  1. Ofsted, Care Quality Commission, Kite Marks… Inspections can be daunting.
  2. Discovering the service from a young person’s perspective.
  3. Marketing how young people can complain, suggest and compliment.

Have young people involved in inspections to showcase and champion your service. Have young people tell you what they think works and doesn’t work. Have ideas and solutions to make your service even better.

Our Young Inspectors will design a line of enquiry with you, inspect it and present their results and recommendations.

If asked, they may even help you implement the solutions too!

Your problems:

  1. Continuing the conversation with young people.
  2. Feeding back decisions that have been made to young people after their involvement ends. 
  3. Having the next “problem” lined up without evaluating the impact of the previous one. 

For decision makers who don’t know how to continue talking with young people after a project ends. Over 6 months, we will provide you with a social media tool to keep young people’s interest, involvement and excitement in your project going. We do this by signing them up after an event or workshop. You can ask any question you want and get their instant feedback. We use our knowledge and expertise to help you write the best messages to get the best responses. The end result:

  • Young people kept involved in your projects.
  • Continual fresh ideas and feedback on your project as it evolves.
  • The final step to ensure young people’s voices, views and lived experiences shape your organisation for everyone’s benefit.


D4. Young Journalists
Your problems:

  1. Effectively marketing your messages to young people.
  2. Using social media to engage young people – and doing it safely.
  3. Designing marketing materials that have young people’s stamp of approval.
  4. Creating reports young people actually want to read and can understand.

Our Young Journalists take the lead. They write press releases, organise social media campaigns, opinion polls and even make films, cartoons and animations.

This helps you get your word out and tell young people what they need to know. Helping you to increase uptake, raise awareness and accurately share your key messages.

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