Inspire Change

  • Josh
  • March 14, 2018

We inspire change in your organisation.

We can transform the culture of your organisation by changing your approach to working with young people.

We address common business challenges including:

  • Skill, commitment and motivation of staff
  • Keeping up with current trends
  • Marketing your services to young people
  • Engaging them in the process as you go.

Find out more about our Inspire Change services below.

C1. Youth Climate Report – *NEW*
Your problems:

  1. Demonstrating the impact of involving young people in decision making.
  2. Knowing how good your product or service is – or isn’t!
  3. What holds you back from taking action.

Our Youth Climate Reports are for decision makers who need to demonstrate value for money and the impact of their investment.

In just 2 days, we can provide you with a snapshot of your existing culture, structure and feedback loops. We do this by surveying the views of leaders, delivery staff and young people on a range of key indicators. We use our knowledge and expertise to ask the tough questions to find the gaps.

The end result:

  • An increased organisational awareness of what is and isn’t working.
  • Ideas, hints and tips on what could help you make a real difference.
  • The first step to ensure young people’s voices, views and lived experiences shape your organisation for everyone’s benefit.

C2. Youth Voice Events
Your problems:

  1. Hearing what LOTS of young people have to say in a short time frame.
  2. Getting young people and adults in the same room to talk about common problems.
  3. Co-creating meaningful outcomes from these conversations.

Our events are fun and lively. They leave everyone with a sense of “WOW”.

We focus on what the problems are, ask young people what they think about them and together with adults find practical solutions that address them.

Our events leave young people and adults inspired to take action and create a legacy from what young people have said. Let us inspire you. Watch one of our films here!

C3. Consultancy
Your problems:

  1. Organisational and service problems you have no idea how to solve.
  2. This stops you from seeing the bigger picture.
  3. You don’t know how to meaningfully involve young people.
  4. You can’t predict habits, trends and knowing what young people want.

Our consultancy services are always totally bespoke. We never do off the shelf. We have a great team with diverse expertise, who can solve any problem.

We know young people, we know how organisations work and we know what might stop both of you working together.

Let us help you make sustained, meaningful change, and embed it together with young people.

C4. Training
Your problems:

  1. Your staff team are demotivated.
  2. Death by PowerPoint.
  3. Evidencing how training time improves practice.
  4. Staff wanting to make youth voice happen, but not knowing how to do it.

Our training programmes focus on you and what you need. We equip staff with the know-how, tools and energy to do youth voice successfully.

Our training is fun, interactive and dynamic. There is NO PowerPoint. Ever. Learn how to engage young people online; how to involve them in service planning; or let us give you some new ideas for facilitating meetings creatively.

100% of participants had fun and would recommend our training to a colleague.

C5. Professional Coaching
Your problems:

  1. Making the right tough decisions.
  2. Knowing what is and isn’t important.
  3. Motivating staff to involve young people as the “norm”.

Our professional coaching comes straight from our Chief Executive. It’s a one on one deal, every fortnight.

Her e.x.t.e.n.s.i.v.e. expertise will guide you through challenges to ensure young people are central to decisions made about them at every level in your organisation or service. Be wary, she takes no prisoners!.

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