Antonia Dixey

    Antonia’s vision is for every single child and young person to have a voice. For them to be listened to and their views acted upon. She sees a world full of young leaders who know how to solve problems in their communities. Antonia volunteers her time supporting BRIT Inspiration Trust a charity supporting young people…

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  • Senior Participation Officer

    Josh Harsant

    Josh is passionate about creative approaches to working with young people and draws on extensive experience in working with both young people and practitioners and in designing, delivering and managing youth participation projects and programmes. Josh is also a trustee of Adviza and Artswork. He tweets here too!

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  • Lead Participation Officer

    Tiffany Brown

    Tiffany is from Cape Town, South Africa, with a passion for people.  Having studied Anthropology, she recognises the need for the young people’s direct participation in making positive contributions to their current and future social environments.

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  • Engagement Strategist

    Ed Moss

    Ed’s passion is to help organisations that make a positive difference to people’s lives. Ed has worked in the youth sector for 10 years from front line engagement to digital marketing at director level. He loves to learn and have fun in everything he does.

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  • Participation Support Officer
    Gertrude Lamptey 338 x 338

    Gertrude Lamptey

    Gertrude is passionate about working with young people and giving them a voice. As an adult she believes we should encourage the youth to be our future leaders. Through her experiences Gertrude has seen the full potential of young people be met and excited to be working alongside the youth that will make a positive difference…

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  • Participation Officer

    Naomi Thomas

    Naomi is passionate about working with young people and helping to make a difference. She has a wide variety of experiences of working with young people including academic mentoring in a secondary school, coaching, NCS ‘The Challenge’ and Camp America. Something which makes Naomi happy is seeing others happy and realising they have the ability…

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  • Elections Specialist
    Sue Bonham Lovett 338 x 338

    Sue Bonham Lovett

    Sue has been an elections professional for over twenty years and is passionate about promoting democracy.  She has been involved in helping facilitate the Dorset Youth Parliament Elections since they began and is delighted to be involved with them again and believes that by involving young people early enough in making choices will lead them…

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  • Participation Officer
    Kelly Machin 338 x 338

    Kelly Machin

    Kelly is passionate about working alongside young people in realising their full potential and how they can impact on their community and society. Kelly believes young people have a voice and it should be heard. She has completed her NVQ in Youth Work and is excited to make a difference to young people’s lives through…

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  • Participation Support Officer
    Ann Haigh 338 x 338

    Ann Haigh

    Ann is excited about getting the young people of Dorset involved in their services, hearing what they have to say and being part of their journeys into adulthood. Originally from the West Midlands, Ann now well and truly feels as though Dorset is her home.  Having worked in the charity sector for 12 years in admin roles…

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  • Research Coordinator
    Kirsty Main 338 x 338

    Kirsty Main

    Kirsty has been working with young people in Dorset for 20 years and is committed to making sure that a range of young people’s experiences are represented and heard. Working on the Young Researchers project is her dream job combining working with young people to influence change and her geeky love of facts and infographics.

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