• Participation Support Officer
    Cath Warren 338 x 338

    Cath Warren

    Cath has over 20 years experience as a youth and community worker, having trained at St. Martin’s College, Lancaster. She has a wealth of experience, including running youth clubs, working with children and young people in care, delivering life skills, health and employability training with homeless young adults and in schools. Cath incorporates creative and participatory…

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  • Assistant Participation Officer

    Murwarid Laly

    Murwarid has always been actively involved in working towards giving young people a voice. Not so long ago, the Participation People worked with Murwarid as a young person, and she is now part of the team! She is currently studying Philosophy and Politics at the University of Manchester.

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  • Participation Intern
    Oliver King 380x380

    Oliver King

    Oli is passionate about creating a voice for young people but to make it fun at the same time! As a young person myself, I find it fun and exciting to be able to work along side some amazing young people and make a difference; not just on a local basis but a national basis too. Oli has also…

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