Anna – Lead Teacher, Graveney School

Our Y9 students greatly enjoyed participating in the Mental Health Champions programme and they got so much out of it! The sessions were interactive and fun and enabled the students to learn about quite serious topics in a relaxed yet engaged way.

The students have been challenged in so many positive ways and many have stepped outside of their comfort zones, doing things they never dreamed they would, such as standing up and presenting in front of their own year group.

Our peer educators have gained a good degree of knowledge about the causes, signs and symptoms of a variety of mental health problems that affect young people and have learned about how to look after their own mental health as well as signpost other students towards the people and organisations that can provide them with support.

It was wonderful to see the films that the students had worked hard on being shown to their year group to help spread positive messages about mental health and to educate their year group on local agencies and teaching staff who are there to support them.

We are sure our school will benefit greatly from this programme and hope that we can use our peer educators to further educate the younger years as well

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