Our Youth Engagement Projects

Our Youth Engagement Case Studies

For over 10 years, we’ve been delivering a host of youth engagement projects, helping businesses and organisations to listen to young people’s voices and respond to their needs. 

Below you can find example projects that showcase the work we’ve co-delivered with our clients  across the country, helping them to:

  • Improve organisational performance, with young people
  • Re-purpose resources to better meet the needs of young people 
  • Be responsive and agile to the changing needs of children and young people
  • Improve how youth insight is captured as business intelligence
  • Prove how youth insight helps to make better business decisions

We would love to develop youth engagement strategies for your organisation. Whether you are experienced in youth participation but need some help getting it to the next level, or if you’re completely new to the field, find out how we can help solve your business challenges with young people below.

Our Youth Participation Reports

Dorset Careers Hub – Youth Led Research

Movement To Work – Young Champions

Engineering UK – Young Champions and Youth Consultancy

Department for Media Culture and Sport Youth Led Evaluation 

Cruse Bereavement SupportYouth Consultancy and Engagement 

Our Youth Participation Film Studies

Our Youth Participation Film Studies

We love using film to help improve services for young people and to capture the journey of youth participation and engagement projects – and the young people we work with!

Communicating what Participation People do to our audience

Raising awareness of Dorsets Care Leaver Forum and Children in Care Council

Communicating what it is liked to be a young person in care in Greenwich

Wandsworth Youth Momentum event wrap up film

Encouraging young people to get involved with the Children in Care Council for Dorset

Promoting the Youth Advisor Panel to engage and inspire young people to get involved

Wandsworth Youth Momentum event wrap up film

Promoting the purpose of Participation People’s young researchers

Want to get started on a youth engagement project like these?

Get started by talking to us. Whether it’s a problem, an idea… we would love to hear from you.

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