Youth Engagement Case Studies

Our Youth Engagement Case Studies

We’ve put together the below youth engagement case studies to show what we’ve done for organisations across the country and the positive impact it has had on them and on youth voice.

We would love nothing more than to be able to replicate these youth engagement case studies for your organisation, so get in touch today to see how we can help.

Youth Participation Film Studies

Our Youth Participation Film Studies

We love using film to capture the journey of our youth participation and engagement projects and the young people we work with! We also use film to bring YOU vodcasts of how to get youth participation, engagement and voice RIGHT!

If you want your organisation to be involved in our next youth participation film study then get in touch now!

Participation People CiCC Dorset – Youth Voice Participation & Engagement

Spirit of 2012’s Youth Advisory Panel – Youth Voice Participation & Engagement

What it’s like being a looked after child in Greenwich – Youth Voice Participation & Engagement

Wandsworth Youth Momentum V9 – Youth Voice Participation & Engagement

Wandsworth Youth Momentum – Youth Voice Participation & Engagement

Youth Engagement Reports

Our Youth Engagement Reports

We like keeping things short, sweet and simple. We find people learn best that way.

Sometimes though, we have to include a bit more detail. This helps us explain what we learnt – both the good stuff and bad stuff.

In turn, this helps others not make the same mistakes and improve how young people are involved in shaping services. Result!

To give you a flavour of our long-er reports, here are a few to read. Enjoy!