Inspire Change

Youth Climate Report

Your Problems:

1 . Demonstrating the impact of involving young people in decision making.

2 . Knowing how good your product or service is – or isn’t.

3 . What holds you back from taking action.

Our Solutions:

In 2 days, we can provide you with a snapshot of your existing culture, structure and feedback loops. We do this by surveying the views of leaders, delivery staff and young people on a range of key indicators. We use our knowledge and expertise to ask the tough questions to find the gaps.

Our Youth Climate Reports are for decision makers who need to demonstrate value for money and the impact of their investment.

Youth Engagement Events

Your Problems:

1 . Hearing what LOTS of young people have to say in a short time frame.

2 . Getting young people and adults in the same room to talk about common problems.

3 . Co-creating meaningful outcomes from these conversations.

Our Solutions:

We focus on what the problems are, ask young people what they think about them and, together with adults, find practical solutions that address them. Our youth participation events leave young people and adults inspired to take action and create a legacy from what young people have said.

“Working with The Participation People is a personal, fun and enjoyable experience. Every meeting, every event and coaching call is tailored to the needs of the group. It’s beautiful.”

Carl Konadu
CFO 2-3 Degrees

Youth Consultancy Services

Your Problems:

1 . Organisational and service problems you have no idea how to solve.

2 . This stops you from seeing the bigger picture.

3 . You don’t know how to meaningfully involve young people.

4 . You can’t predict habits, trends OR knowing what young people want.

Our Solutions:

Our youth consultancy services are totally bespoke. We don’t do off the shelf. We have a great team with diverse expertise, who can solve any problem.

  • We know young people.
  • We know how organisations work.
  • We know what might stop both of you from working together.

Let us help you make sustained, meaningful change, and embed it together with young people.

Engagement With Consultation Sessions And Training

Youth Engagement Training

Our youth engagement training programmes focus on you and what you need.

Your Problems:

1 . Your staff team are unmotivated.

2 . Death by PowerPoint.

3 . Evidencing how training time improves practice.

4 . Staff wanting to make youth voice happen, but not knowing how to do it.

Our Solutions:

We equip staff with the know-how, tools and energy to do youth voice, engagement and participation successfully. Our training is fun, interactive and dynamic. There is NO PowerPoint. Ever. Learn how to engage young people online; how to involve them in service planning; or let us give you some new ideas for facilitating meetings creatively.

Youth Engagement Professional Coaching

Our professional coaching comes straight from our Chief Exec. It’s a one on one deal, every fortnight.

Your Problems:

1 . Making the right tough decisions.

2 . Knowing what is and isn’t important.

3 . Motivating staff to involve young people as the “norm”.

Our Solutions:

Her e.x.t.e.n.s.i.v.e. expertise will guide you through challenges to ensure young people are central to decisions made about them at every level in your organisation or service. Be wary, she takes no prisoners.

“Their work impacted on so many young people’s lives; all of whom have now gone on to do great things.”

Rosina St James Former Chair of British Youth Council

Engagement With Consultation Sessions

Gain Data & Insight

Young Researchers

Your Problems:

1 . Investing too much time and money trying to understand more about young people’s habits, trends and life choices.

2 . Understanding what young people are telling you.

3 . What holds you back from taking action.

Our Solutions:

Our Young Researchers project designs and asks the BIG questions to get the BIG answers you’re looking for. Young researchers interpret the data and create infographics, reports and films to help you share that with the people who matter. Save yourself some money and create a proactive response to young people’s needs right from the start.

Young Youth Journalists Encourage Youth Engagement
Young Youth Researchers Encourage Youth Engagement

Young Journalists

Your Problems:

1 . Effectively marketing your messages to young people.

2 . Using social media to engage young people – and doing it safely.

3 . Designing marketing materials that have young people’s stamp of approval.

4 . Creating reports young people actually want to read and can understand.

Our Solutions:

Our Young Journalists take the lead. They write press releases, organise social media campaigns, opinion polls and even make films, cartoons and animations. This helps you get your word out and tell young people what they need to know. Helping you to increase uptake, raise awareness and accurately share your key messages.

Young Inspectors

Your Problems:

1 . Ofsted, Care Quality Commission, Kite Marks… Inspections can be daunting.

2 . Discovering the service from a young person’s perspective.

3 . Marketing, how young people can complain, feedback and compliment.

Our Solutions:

Have young people involved in inspections to showcase and champion your service.

Let young people tell you what they think works and doesn’t work.

Create ideas, solutions to make your service better, together.

Our Young Inspectors will design a line of enquiry with you, inspect it and present their results and recommendations.

If asked, they may even help you implement the solutions too!

Young Youth Inspectors You Encourage Youth Engagement and Conversation in Workshops

Young Facilitators

Your Problems:

1 . Giving young people REAL opportunities to lead, facilitate and organise projects.

2 . Equipping them with the skills they need to jump on the employment ladder.

Our Solutions:Our Young Facilitators are aged between 16-25, most are from vulnerable backgrounds. Think care leavers, young people with disabilities, young carers. Youth Facilitators help you:
  • Design contract specifications and help you monitor them.
  • Support recruitment panels, help induct and appraise staff.
  • Write and run training sessions for professionals and other young people.
You get your job done, with young people’s insight AND deliver a better service.

Take Action

Take Action

Being playful empowers everyone to want:

1 . MORE involvement!

2 . MORE projects!

3 . MORE positive change!

We know a few things about finding solutions to your problems. We know that adults:

1 . Are OK at asking young people their opinions.

2 . Often, miss translate what young people say

3 . Aren’t great at applying what young people say to shape services.

Let us help you fix that, mend bridges and bring adults and young people together to improve services.

Peer Educators

Your Problems:

1 . Sharing important messages with young people on key issues in an already packed education system.

2 . Finding a fun, creative and engaging method to share these messages.

3 . Getting young people to take the lead passing your message on.

Our Peer Educators find out the facts, digest them and create a campaign product.

This product:

  • Sparks a conversation with other young people.
  • Ignites interest in the topic.
  • Tells them what they need to know and where to go for help.

At the end of the day, young people leave with your message that they want to tell their friends about. A message that you can share, again, and again and again!

Youth Councils & Panels

Your Problem:

1 . Getting young people involved & engaged in the inaccessible world of adult democracy.

2 . Creating a conversation where young people and adults are equals.

3 . Giving young people the platform and the skills to make a difference.

Our Youth Councils and Panels are fun, interactive and accessible. This helps recruit and retain young people in long term social action.

Our projects are open for young people from every walk of life.

Young people tell you what you need to know and what needs to happen. Then together, you take action.

Youth Engagement Panels

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