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Working for The Participation People

We care about our staff, and we want our staff to care about their work.

We aim to recruit the BEST staff, who share our vision, values, passion and commitment.

What we know about working for us:

  • 100% of our staff told us they “feel happy at work
  • 100% of our staff told us that “there is good, clear & constructive communication between all staff, including managers.
  • 100% of our staff told us they “find the work expected of [them] is stimulating and challenging.
  • 100% of our staff told us that they felt “managers promote a positive atmosphere of respect and teamwork.
Work For The Participation People - A Youth Engagement Company
Work For The Participation People - A Youth Engagement Company

What We Offer

In return for their hard work, we offer our staff:

  • A standard 37-hour working week.
  • 30 days of annual leave, plus all statutory holidays – staff accrue an additional 1 day of annual leave per year of service (up to 5 additional days).
  • Up to 3 days per year of paid volunteering leave.
  • Up to 10 days per year of additional leave with salary sacrifice (after 1 year’s service).
  • An auto-enrolment pension scheme with The People’s Pension, in line with Government guidance.
  • A range of flexible working arrangements, including flexi-time, time off in lieu, home or remote working and compressed hours.
  • A 16-25 railcard, for those staff who are eligible.
  • A Spotify Premium account.

Current opportunities

Youth Voice and Influence Officer

Participation People
Young minds, fresh perspectives, better business decisions

Our purpose
Participation People believe services work better when you work creatively with the people who use them.

We are proud to be youth engagement, participation and co-production experts, with young people. Award winning, Participation People work across the UK collaboratively with young
people and senior professionals.

Participation People help organisations youth proof their offer today; to future proof for everyone’s tomorrow.

Participation People’s superpower is our youth community. Our Young Consultant Team bring an entirely fresh perspective to brands and clients; offering unique insights which change thinking, in real time.

The Team
We are a team of high energy, enthusiastic and engaged facilitators, who bring fun and playfulness to the workplace, every day.

Our Toolbox
Participation People’s #YouthVoice programmes help organisations understand young people’s trends, habits and life choices.

Our missing piece
We are looking for a Youth Voice and Influence Officer, who will:

1. Elevate young people’s views, perceptions and lived experiences of brands and organisations.
2. Broker conversations with senior leaders to help them make better youth informed decisions.
3. Recruit, train and facilitate groups of young people to form and express their voice in ways that work for them.

We’re looking for team members who are:

● Kind, curious and courageous professionals.
● Playful in their practice; but serious about the solutions they co-design with clients and young people.
● Experienced facilitators who engage creatively with young people.
● Passionate when translating what young people say into business solutions.

It’ll be helpful if you have:

● 2 years’ experience (or more) working with groups of young people.
● Project management prowess.
● A growth mindset to learning and development. Participation People Perks.

As a thank you, Participation People offer our team:

● Quarterly professional training and development away days.
● 360-degree annual appraisals.
● Emotional profile and team role assessments.
● Highly flexible working arrangements including flexitime, time off in lieu, remote working and compressed hours.
● Rail discount card.
● 3 days paid volunteer leave.
● 30 days holiday as well statutory holidays.
● Dedicated wellbeing support.
● Peer to peer mentoring.
● Bonus scheme for work well done.
● Spotify Premium account.
● And… we are exploring moving to a 4-day working week with unlimited holidays in the next 6 months.

For a conversation about this role, please get in touch with James, Programme Manager:
[email protected]
+44 (0)7935 714646.

Work For The Participation People - A Youth Engagement Company