Health and Youth Participation

Working to improve health and wellbeing services for young people.

Participation People are proud to work with many NHS Trusts across the country, as well as various health and wellbeing charities and organisations. A common motivator across health trusts is ensuring their services are accessible and inclusive for young people, and accessing diversity in youth engagement to improve the services they provide. 

We provide a bespoke service to each health and youth project we facilitate, from organising a panel of young people to participate in focus groups or action learning sets to training employees on how to engage young people in their services. Participation People is well placed to support your trust on its journey towards improved youth engagement, exploring what’s working, the gaps to a truly inclusive and accessible health service, and the needs of young people first-hand to design systems and structures that meet their needs.

“From the very first phone call with James, we have had an amazing experience with Participation People. The Youth Engagement Training we received was excellent and has really made us think differently about how we look at Youth Voice and Participation.

The Young Consultants were incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We have already put some of the amazing techniques we learned into practice, which has been such a positive experience. We are really grateful to have partnered with Participation People on this journey. Thank you!”

Tracey Digby, Waiting Well Project Team Leader, Dorset Mind

Our Young People

We are specialists at digging into the workings of health organisations, from NHS Trusts to mental health charities and more. We love to unearth what is working, what could be better and what more could be done to better integrate youth voices at your organisation

We are always recruiting volunteers to our under-18s database, they are screened by our expert team and are ready to be selected for the right project. This means that we can easily access a panel of young people all prepared to lend their unique voices to the topic at hand. We also undertake bespoke recruitment campaigns to find young people in the right area or with specific experience. For example, we recently found 15 Young Inspectors to help improve their local NHS diabetes service

We have proof that gaining youth participation can actively help resolve organisational challenges now and in the future. In fact, you can dive deeper into the results we’ve produced for our clients at NHS Midlands, including a Young Reviewers Report on youth-proofing diabetes workstreams and a co-production event bringing together young people and commissioners to make tangible improvements. In a sector where youth voice can sometimes be overlooked, we must learn as much as possible from young people.

Personalised Health Projects

Health and wellbeing services often have a set of very complex criteria they need to work with or a very specific youth engagement target. We enjoy understanding these complexities, planning out bespoke activities and creating unique initiatives to use youth voice to your best advantage. 

Each project will leave you with youth engagement recommendations and a roadmap for implementation to help you gain tangible results.

Learning to Engage Youth

It’s not always about creating a plan. We work with many teams to train them in how best to work with young people to activate and implement the recommendations our youth participatory work uncovers. 

The team at Sweaty Betty Foundation worked with Participation People to learn more about how they could empower women of all ages and backgrounds to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. Globally, only 15% of teenage girls are doing enough physical activity.  As a result, the Sweaty Betty Foundation is supporting a broad range of projects through its innovation fund.

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