Communicating with young people for media and comms professionals.

Grow your retail business by learning how to attract and engage a younger customer base.

Now more than ever, Gen Z are turning to TikTok for advice, insights and answers on any number of topics, in place of the global search engine giant, Google. And so, because best-performing videos on the platform are short and snappy, more often than not, communicators have just eight seconds to capture this audience’s attention.

The increased urgency to captivate and engage young people in ways that work for them means that we can no longer keep communicating with them as we have done in the past. But, by involving young people in the decision-making process, organisations can continuously improve their communication strategies to better understand and meet the evolving needs and preferences of Gen Z. 

We embrace curiosity and actively seek insights from our target audience, young people! By valuing their lived experiences and talking to them to stay informed about youth trends, we enhance our listening and make better, more informed communication strategies. With our support, we can help you to achieve this too, whatever your message may be.

Train your Media & Comms teams

Learn how to engage with young people through your media and communications strategies. Our training can pave the way for the digital transformation of your comms approach, with young people and the media in mind. We have a range of courses that are delivered regularly and remotely. You can register for any course or discuss your training requirements with a member of our team.

If you’re searching for a more bespoke approach, we can deliver training in person to media teams and key decision-makers to meet your unique needs. We train alongside a carefully selected group of young people from our network, delivering unmatched insights on how to gain cut-through amongst youth audiences in a crowded digital landscape. 

Hear from our clients

“Working with Participation People has inspired us and helped demonstrate that we need more youth participation in our work. We have been considering what more we can do to engage with young people as part of our EDI strategy development. I love Participation People’s values of ‘Playful in practice, Serious about solutions’ and the staff are enthusiastic and supportive, bringing out the best in the young people they work with.”

– ​​Maria Clarke, Dorset Local Nature Partnership Manager, Dorset Wildlife Trust

Find your young people

Communicating with young people is our superpower. Our extensive network of Under-18 participants are motivated to give their opinions and ignite change through the power of youth voices, meaning we have a huge resource within reach. Our range of services, led with and by young people, inspire new ideas and facilitate real change when it comes to communication and engagement with Gen Z.

Unlock the power of youth insights

If you‘re looking to level up your methods for communicating with young people, we recommend running a diagnostic session with our extensive network of young people to tap into their opinions, experiences and preferences. 

Through our diagnostic sessions, we’ll uncover your key pain points and the pitfalls these can create within your media and comms strategies, providing you with a bespoke plan to help. Built by young people, for young people. 

Media & Comms Consultations

Participation People’s bespoke consultations help organisations understand young people’s trends, habits, and life choices and unpack how they should be considered within your media and communications strategies. 

When you’re looking to transform your communications and engagement strategies, a consultation with young people can offer you the fresh perspective you need. Discover the ways we can gather insights from young people through a variety of consultation formats that will provide you with bespoke action plans to tap into youth audiences.

Levelling Up Your Youth Engagement Training

NEW Digital Youth Engagement Training – Courses running in April, July & October 2024. Learn how to harness the power of digital platforms to engage with the younger generation.

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