Helping HR and recruitment teams find young people for your roles.

Working to improve health and wellbeing services for young people.

If you’re struggling to find young people to fill your roles or finding it difficult to keep young people engaged once in post, then Participation People can help. We have a range of services from training your teams on youth engagement to running focus groups with young people.  Our consultancy can help you brainstorm unique and innovative recruitment ideas. 

As an example, we recently worked with a popular supermarket struggling to recruit young people. After engaging one of our youth focus groups, they started placing job ads at strategic locations identified by the group. Within just a couple of weeks, they had employed enough young people to fill all the positions they had.

Sometimes, we all need a little help to think outside of the box.

“We were struggling to reach young people and get the applications for the job role we required. We employ people of all ages across a broad range of roles, we have a great employment package and offer fantastic flexibility. We knew that the job was a great opportunity but fewer and fewer young people were applying. Were they even seeing our ads? Did our recruitment methods need a shake-up? Participation People were able to come in, assemble a youth panel for us and identify the root of the issue. Once their recommendations were implemented we immediately saw an uplift in applications from young people.”


– Apprentice and Graduate Scheme Department, HR Midlands, Tesco

Use a Youth Panel

We are specialists at digging into the workings of health organisations, from NHS Trusts to mental health charities and more. We love to unearth what is working, what could be better and what more could be done to better integrate youth voices at your organisation.

We are always recruiting volunteers to our under-18s database, they are screened by our expert team and are ready to be selected for the right project. This means that we can easily access a panel of young people all prepared to lend their unique voices to the topic at hand. We also undertake bespoke recruitment campaigns to find young people in the right area or with specific experience. For example, we recently found 15 Young Inspectors to help improve their local NHS diabetes service.

We have proof that gaining youth participation can actively help resolve organisational challenges now and in the future. In fact, you can dive deeper into the results we’ve produced for our clients at NHS Midlands, including a Young Reviewers Report on youth-proofing diabetes workstreams and a co-production event bringing together young people and commissioners to make tangible improvements. In a sector where youth voice can sometimes be overlooked, we must learn as much as possible from young people.

Inclusive Recruitment

Our expert team are also available to conduct an audit of your HR and recruitment processes to help you ensure they are as inclusive as possible. We know that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is crucial to your recruitment process, essential to building a representative workforce and imperative to safeguarding your employees. We practise what we preach and use DEI principles to recruit our database of young people so that their input into your business is reflective of your goals.This bespoke service aims to understand your recruitment goals and objectives, drill down into how you are performing currently and then flag the areas that could be improved. Our consultancy will leave you with a helpful roadmap of recommendations to implement. 

Train your HR and Recruitment teams

Continual professional development is crucial in staying up to date with employing young people. Each generation brings with it new expectations, habits and challenges which can be hard to understand, and will require other generations to adapt their methods to get the desired outcome. Participation People can train your HR and recruitment teams in how to successfully engage with young people to better meet their needs. 

Training covers how to recruit them, but also how to onboard them and ultimately how to help them progress their careers within the company. Learn what language to use, what media to use and what methods to use to get the most out of young people

We’ll help your teams view this as an exciting challenge and not a barrier to overcome. The different viewpoints of the youth can be a huge benefit to any company. 

Levelling Up Your Youth Engagement Training

NEW Digital Youth Engagement Training – Courses running in April, July & October 2024. Learn how to harness the power of digital platforms to engage with the younger generation.

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