Working with The London Borough of Hounslow and their young people to deliver community cohesion

The Brief

The London Borough of Hounslow were seeking to strengthen their local offer with young people, identifying creative ways in which communities can support each other and help prevent extremism.

They approached Participation People with the aim to train a diverse group of young people to facilitate engagement workshops promoting community cohesion. With this interest in mind, 34 young people aged 12 – 19 who live, study or work in Hounslow, were trained and supported by Participation People to be Hounslow’s Young Facilitators.


People and Places of Safety was a seven month project run by Hounslow’s Young Facilitators, which sought to deliver workshops for young people and decision makers informing the design and content of the People and Places of Safety Map – an illustrated graphic for young people to be used after the work of the Young Facilitators project came to an end, to support the Prevent Agenda – part of the government’s counter terrorism strategy. 

The People and Places of Safety workshops provided a platform for young people and decision makers to explore difficult topics creatively, including: 

  • Radicalisation 
  • Grooming and exploitation
  • Hate crime and inclusion

To deliver these workshops effectively, the Hounslow Young Facilitators had to be informed on the relevant Prevent Agenda topics, plus trained in communication, presentation, marketing and event planning.

A series of online sessions were then organised, promoted and facilitated online with further young people and decision makers participating. The workshops used a mixture of film, animation, user stories, service mapping and research facilitation techniques, enabling young people to form and express their views creatively about difficult topics in an open, safe, inclusive space.

Project top tip: Don’t be afraid to host a mix of in-person and remote workshops. It wil help you reach more people and to get the most out of your project.


Takeaways from each workshop were used to co-produce the People and Places of Safety Map for education providers, youth groups and the council to share and highlight good community cohesion practice.16,500 secondary school aged young people have access to this, which is hosted by Hounslow libraries and community notice boards.

A further 5,000 copies of the People and Places of Safety Map have been shared with  schools, colleges, youth and faith groups across Hounslow to add to noticeboards and shared on digital screens.

Decision makers and young people have signed the “People and Places of Safety Hounslow Charter” as a visible commitment to keeping the “young people’s safety” conversation alive! Plus, actions in the charter, called for by young people now, soon and in the future, have been shared with decision makers at London Borough of Hounslow through the People and Places of Safety Charter.

Hounslow Young Facilitators volunteered a total of 903 hours to benefit Hounslow, with 34 Hounslow achieving the AQA accredited Young Facilitator training.

The final report was presented to London Borough of Hounslow Community Partnership Unit and ideas for community activities raised at the workshops are currently being considered for further funding.

And, young people continued to make a difference to their community even during the pandemic.


Najeeb Ahmed, Prevent Coordinator, Community Partnerships Unit, Hounslow


“Firstly, a massive thank you to Participation People’s team for the work done on this project.

I think I speak for everyone here at the council and particularly the Prevent team when I say that we feel the project has been a huge success.

Young people have helped us think through a different lens when it comes to the prevention of child exploitation

The work of the Young Facilitators has helped us identify where we can improve our offer for and with young people to help them feel safe and supported.”


Together, the “Love from Hounslow” online workshops and “Love Hounslow Inclusive” Charter have resulted in decision makers understanding the importance and relevance of ensuring young people feel they:


  • Belong to their community.
  • Are valued as part of a community.
  • Can play an active leadership role within their community.


Now, during the hardships people have faced as a result of the pandemic, strengthening communities is more important than ever.


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