As a Young Consultant, this month screams the word ‘diversity’ to me. As a young person alone, I would like to see the stigma and stereotypes disappear into thin air. But it’s something that I can only wish for. Practising it myself isn’t going to make a big difference, although every little counts, it would be pleasurable to see everyone contribute in erasing the stereotypes that unfortunately still exist! Can you believe it? We legit live in the 21st century.

Someone in history who truly inspired me is Kobe Bryant. The NBA star who at the age of 17, won five titles as one of the marquee players in the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. He was a member of the gold medal-winning U.S. Men’s Basketball Team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympic Games.

I passionately love the game of basketball. Although I do not follow or keep up with it, as a 17 year old, it is something that leaves me with great motivation!

As per the Hounslow Young Researchers knife crime research found, people of colour are more likely to get stopped and searched than any others. Now, that’s not just a shame to hear, but also calls for a rain of change. No one says that it’s not right to stop and search, in fact it is one of the ways we can keep people safe, but the point is that it would only be fair if everyone would be checked! Not just because of the way we are. Statistically, people of colour are accused and even found to have a higher number in possession of weapons and other crimes. But how can we justify this number if others aren’t being checked? Maybe they are just getting away with it and it is therefore not recorded as a crime?

Of course, there are many young people of colour out there who are trying to make a difference for people like themselves, but these changes can only be implemented or seen if everyone plays their part.

I used to study History in school and stopped three years ago, however, throughout two years of compulsory History lessons from years 7 to 9, I didn’t have a single lesson in History that had anything to do with positivity. The only lessons that involved people of colour were those of segregation and slavery. Honestly, not only were the lessons unpleasant and shocking to hear, but also heart wrenching for those who had to experience this just because of the colour of their skin. I absolutely cannot believe that superiority back in the day rose from the colour of your skin rather than the achievements of your work!

But the good news is that this is slowly changing. We are not seeing people’s merit based on their looks but their achievements. But this gradual change is in those who are mostly young, which is predominantly good because we are the future! And we also need to take a strong stand on those who are inheriting wrong ideas about this movement.

We can progressively see the opportunities given to black artists and actors such as Kevin Hart who is an award winning actor! We can slowly see young artists such as Nanaaraj who are spreading their wings to raise the profile of the community which is so, so great to see.

I am so proud to be born in a generation where change is young people’s top priority, and people are treated with respect and care. We have slowly started to show acceptance which should have been the case since forever!!! But like they say, better late than never!!!

This Black History Month should be marked with spreading as much awareness as possible to see the change we want to see in our community!

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