Hi I’m Cameron. I’m going to talk a bit about a black, LGBT+  celebrity who inspired me when coming to terms with my own identity. Her name is Laverne Cox, most famously known for being in a series called ‘Orange is the New Black’.

Laverne Cox is a transgender woman who has advocated for both people of colour and LGBTQ+ rights. In her early teenage years she struggled with mental health issues and gender identity, her story resonated with me.

I am a young transgender man who has also suffered from various mental health conditions so seeing her be successful and deal with hate she receives for her identity is empowering. She was quoted saying ‘I was told many times that I wouldn’t be able to have a mainstream career as an actor because I’m trans, because I’m black, and here I am…And it feels really good and I think it just really goes to show that while race can make success more difficult it is still achievable.

For me black history month means the progression of our society, a chance for true inclusivity.

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