I feel like the person who has had the most positive impact on me would be Alex Scott. She’s a former Arsenal Football Club player who fought for women’s football and helped to get it some of the popularity it has today. She is also the first black female to be one of the main presenters on Match of the Day. She is definitely somebody I aspire to be like in the future, and I hope I will be one day.

I’d be lying if I did say I saw a positive change in my school curriculum to black history, I mainly think that Black History Month and Black Lives Matter have been a sort of joke to some black people in my area since it’s a tad silly how we only get main positive recognition in one allocated month and not all of the time. However, recently some of the younger years (in school) have been learning about the Civil Rights Movement made by Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, which is great to see. I’d definitely love to see more being done.

One of my local new emerging black artists, Amber Jade, who is located in Camden, is celebrating her culture and promoting Black History Month so more people are aware of it, which is great to see! It’s great to see her sharing how she grew up and being able to relate to somebody else.

To me, Black History Month means black people being able to be proud of themselves and actually feel accepted into the UK. Yes, it should be every month we feel like this but for some this isn’t the case. So hopefully, over the years, this changes.

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