Dorset Wildlife Trust is the leading charity dedicated to nature conservation in Dorset. Participation People partnered with the charity to help make its magazine more appealing to young people. Our Young Journalists worked closely with their team to ensure the magazine catered for young people, with the aim to inspire more young people to pursue an interest in the countryside and wildlife. Their Dorset Local Nature Partnership Manager, Maria, kindly answered a few questions for us on why youth participation has been vital to changing their organisation for the better. Thank you Maria!

Why is youth participation important?

Young people are the future. As an environmental organisation, we need youth participation to help shape the future which they (and their descendants) will be living in and for them to be part of the solutions we need for the climate and ecological emergencies.

What benefits/solutions has improving youth participation brought to your organisation? 

The Young Journalist programme inspired us and helped demonstrate that we need more youth participation in our work.

Why Participation People?

I love the values of ‘Playful in practice, Serious about solutions’ and the staff are enthusiastic and supportive, bringing out the best in the young people they work with.

What’s next?

Funding has been secured to run another cohort of Young Journalists and we are seeking funding to work with both cohorts and link with other environmental partners.  We are also aiming to run a youth led conference / summit on environmental issues in 2023 (if funding allows).  Plus, looking to develop an environmental youth forum or council in the future.


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