I’m Jeremy, I was born in Malaysia in 2006 and 3 years ago, I moved to England and became involved in the Xyla Digital project with Participation People.

When I joined Participation People, I was very timid! I had little to no confidence so I struggled to speak. However, after a few sessions, I warmed really quickly to Antonia and the Participation People team and became comfortable with being myself and sharing my #youthvoice. Along with this, taking part in more projects has helped boost my facilitation and supervision skills by pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to lead on key discussions.

Outside of Participation People, these skills have really helped me to become confident in myself and believe that I am capable of achieving my goals.

Making a difference through #youthvoice

The projects I’ve worked on with Participation People range from speaking in front of over 300 people at the British Academy to developing an App with a global healthcare provider.

The British Academy project involved helping politicians and people in power to understand the importance of involving youth voices in all stages of decision-making. This included a series of workshops with a group of young people, leading up to an in-person workshop with roughly 300 people in a hybrid-format session at the British Academy. The warm-up session was called a “mini circus” where decision-makers answered prompts to help provoke thoughts and ideas related to our brief. We also shared our opinions on their comments from our perspective as young people. At first, we didn’t know they were going to ask us to speak but young people are epic at improv so we smashed it, of course!

The decision-makers published a Government report written with the help of young people. Thanks to our input, I believe that the decision-makers were able to provide a more accurate report that actually applied to young people. I really enjoyed the project and felt like I was making a difference within the community

My #youthvoice advice

If I had to give one piece of advice to young people just starting out at Participation People, I’d say don’t be afraid to speak in sessions, it’s way more fun and rewarding if you do!

If I was a CEO…

If I was a CEO, I’d include youth participation in my business as it would allow me to more accurately create products or services suited for young people, which would increase youth engagement and brand loyalty, as well as improve my company for and with the power of young people as a whole.


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