Participation People has evolved. As many of you will know, we’ve been around for (ahem) quite some time now, and what that means is, we’ve developed, or maybe ‘grown-up’ since the organisation was founded. 

So we’ve taken a look at how we talk about what we do, the services we offer, and how we can best help more businesses and organisations to put youth engagement on the agenda.  You can find a lot of this information here on our newly refreshed website,  which we’ve spent a lot of time on recently, to better showcase our work and clearly communicate our key messages to both businesses and young people. 

Our refreshed site allows us to showcase our brand and ethos even better than before, in turn helping us to celebrate key projects and spread the importance of young people’s participation in decision-making that affects them.

To explain why these changes are so important to us, and the impact they will have on our clients and young people, we’ve put together three key highlights for the new and refreshed PP.

Four highlights of our brand refresh

A shout-out to our new brand video

We’re so excited to share our new brand video as it perfectly highlights the talent of our Youth Consultants and captures the Participation People mission and young voices perfectly.

If you are interested in understanding more about Participation People’s history, mission and vision, visit our brand new about us page to discover how we work to unlock the value of youth participation and engagement within projects.

Have you spotted our new strapline? Young minds, fresh perspectives, better business decisions

When you work on such a diverse range of exciting projects, collaborating with charities to local authorities and corporate businesses, summarising what you do in a short and snappy line can be a huge challenge to say the least.

However, we’re super proud of our brand new strapline which perfectly captures our vision, mission and results we deliver for clients across the board. 

If you want to improve your processes and overall organisation outputs by taking your youth engagement activity to the next level, or alternatively if you want to dip your toe in the water for the first time, get in touch. Paritication People would love to help you  better work with young people to drive the results you want and need!

Our Superpowers

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Now we’re not quite the avengers but we do have superpowers that will enhance, enable and empower your organisation to make better decisions involving young people. Our messaging revamp helped us highlight our three distinct superpowers:

  • Shifting culture and changing mindsets
  • Strengthening structures and processes
  • Improving feedback and insight

We believe that businesses that work creatively with young people work better. Our services page now really shows how we work with young people and businesses to secure  unique insights with the power to change the way your organisation thinks.

For example, if you’re looking for a fresh perspective, we can provide consultations, collect data from young audiences and turn it into an actionable plan that will transform your business and create open, safe and accessible spaces for young people. Or you might find that our youth facilitators who can assist with boosting recruitment suits your needs better. If you are interested in seeing how Participation People can inspire change within your organisation read some of our case studies.

Our Superheroes

The thing we’re always the most  proud of at PP is our wonderful team of young people – also known as our superheroes. 

Participation People’s superheroes are our youth community; our team of Young Consultants we feel privileged to work with. They’re high-energy, enthusiastic and engaged facilitators between young people and professionals.

They make a real difference in the community every day by helping educate and change views to support and provide equal opportunities. And our new website gives them the platform they deserve as the beating heart of PP.

Our New Youth Hub

We understand that our different audiences engage with different content on our site, so we’ve created a dedicated Youth Hub for the first time – where young people can head directly to find out how they can get involved.

So if you are interested in becoming one of our superheroes and would like to understand more about what that involves, or just want to stay in the loop take a look at our Youth Hub page.  

Plus, a renewed focus on keeping up to date with our digital channels means we can connect with our young community base where they’re at – on Tiktok in particular – whereas we can offer industry information, case studies and support for the organisations we work with on suitable channels like LinkedIn.

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