I’m Isobel and I first became involved with Participation People through the Prince’s Trust. 

I was a part of the first Prince’s Trust Youth Committee, working on The Prince’s Trust Health and Social Care Programme, which offers young people free training courses, mentoring, and funding to help young people find a job in healthcare. As part of a team of Young Consultants, it was brilliant to be able to give feedback and make valuable changes to the Prince’s Trust courses, as they had such potential, yet were initially failing to meet their goals. 

My favourite part was definitely the moment I realised that the decision-makers within the Trust were actually listening to what we had to say, recognising our ability to ignite impactful and tangible change. I was worried the youth committee was just a box-ticking exercise for the Trust, so was pleased to find out we were actually going to be listened to and that our voices held significance to the future of The Prince’s Trust.

Learning new skills

Working with Participation People, I enjoyed the various opportunities to help interview new Prince’s Trust employees – putting into practice their true belief that young people’s voices should be heard. The youth committee also definitely helped me with my confidence in talking to decision-makers and learning about how to present our research in a professional manner. 

These skills will not only help me to work successfully on future projects with Participation People, becoming more vocal and engaged when helping to transform organisations for the better, but they will also help me towards future employment and creating a fulfilling career.

If I were a CEO…

If I were a CEO of a company involved in working with young people, I would set up a youth committee similar to the one I was involved with at The Prince’s Trust, asking for their valuable opinions on how to make improvements that will safeguard the future of my organisation.

I would also work to teach young people vital skills to keep them interested, engaged, and eager to participate so that the most impact could be made for the benefit of everyone. 

Young people’s voices should be heard – they are powerful and should not be overlooked! It’s important for decision-makers to provide a platform for young people to use their voices to build a better future for their communities.

Sign up and get involved!

If someone is interested in becoming involved with Participation People, I would say go for it! It is a highly supportive organisation that gives you the ability to let your voice be heard. It also looks great on your CV!


Thinking of getting involved with one of our projects? If you’re a young person searching for a platform for your voice, we’d love to hear from you. 

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